August 01, 2008

Facts on Granite

If you read the NY Times recently, you might be hearing conversations about granite safety. In response to any concerns you might have, I can tell you that scientific experts and credible sources say that granite is safe. This includes the Environmental Protection Agency and Consumer Reports.

This blog focuses on sharing information on the topic of the safety of granite. It includes facts and responses to our own customers, plus relevant media coverage on the issue.

Granite is a natural product that can contain minerals that might give off a trace amount of radon or radiation. Radon is essentially a colorless, odorless gas that results from the natural decay of uranium found in soil or rock. If there is radon in the granite, it is at low levels that are not an issue.

The experts have announced that granite is safe. That is the important news. We’ll keep you informed, but we encourage you to check it out on your end.

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